Mistplay Review

I recently decided to give the ‘Mistplay’ App a try. Mistplay offers you the opportunity to earn credits for playing games on your smartphone or tablet, which you can then exchange for giftcards in the App’s shop. I’d assume the business model is based on these credits generating enough traffic to fuel much higher advertising revenue in the games, than the outlay on giftcards.

How does it work?

You can download the Mistplay App via the Android or Apple App Store. Once downloaded you set up an account with your email. You can get an initial 50 bonus points bonus by joining with our referral link: Mistplay Referral Link.

Importantly, you then earn points for playing a selected range of games via the App. This means you open Mistplay first and then use it to launch or download a game. The range of games appears to be relatively limited (60 or so), however it includes some well know titles such as Scrabble GO, Coin Master and Days of Empires. As you earn more points, or progress through levels, in the games, you earn credits and Mistplay notifications appear to confirm these.

You can exchange 400 points for a 50p Amazon giftcard, 1,900 points will get you a £5 Amazon giftcard. Once you get to 3,600 points, you have a wider choice of options for a £10 card, including Google Play, iTunes and Debenhams cards. However, as you can also get a £10 pre-paid Mastercard for 3,800 points, which is basically cash, I’m not sure why anyone would choose to restrict their reward to giftcard.

Is it worth using?

It depends… from trialling the App I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not worth bothering with if you just want an easy way to earn quick money. It can take a lot of playing time to earn much beyond a 50p Amazon giftcard and the quickest incentives seem to be in downloading and then playing new games – once you’re hooked on a game and have completed a decent number of levels/stages, it can take much longer to earn credits. You do also earn points for daily play streaks and for reaching certain milestones though, so launching and playing games for a number of consecutive days will also lead to credit bonuses.

If you enjoy playing games on your phone, and like the idea of finding new games, then it’s not a bad idea. If you play lots anyway, you might earn a few quid every month or two and find some new titles, and all you need to do is download an App.

I was able to earn 650 points over two days by playing Scrabble Go, so in theory if I’d tried a couple of other games in the same way, it would have been possible to earn 1,900 points (£5) over a few days.

If you do decide to try it, don’t forget to use our referral to get a 50 point headstart: https://mistplay.co/7xsiuuQLY5

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