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‘Let’s Do This’ Events Refer-a-Friend Link £10 Discount Code

Get £10 off when you book an event via using the referral link below:

Let’s Do This Refer-a-Friend Link

What is Let’s Do This?

Let’s do this is a booking portal used by over a thousand events in the UK, including marathons, half marathons, 10k runs, triathlons and endurance events. It covers many major events, including ‘Great Run’ and ‘Run Through’ events.

If you use a refer-a-friend link to sign up for an event, you can get a £10 discount on the entry fee.

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What is Take me to the Points?

‘Take me to the Points’ is an independent blog with features focusing on making the most of refer a friend and loyalty schemes such as Nectar, American Express and Hilton Honors. It also features codes & links (like this one!) which will help you to get a better deal with some suppliers and companies. Using our referral links supports the site and helps it continue to grow.

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