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American Express Referral Link – Amex Refer a Friend (UK)

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Use Our Amex Referral Link – Get a Bonus when Applying for Gold, Platinum, Nectar, British Airways, Platinum Cashback, Marriott…

If you’d like a referral for an American Express (Amex) card in the UK, please use this link to earn additional bonus points:

American Express Referral Link

The refer-a-friend link will show you the details for the American Express Nectar Credit Card, however it is applicable for any American Express Card (Amex Gold, Platinum, Cashback, BA, Nectar, etc.) – to apply for a different card just click continue and then scroll down to ‘explore other cards’ (bottom of screen). This will show all cards where you are able to earn a referral bonus. See screenshots below which show the Amex Gold Card screen with confirmation of the referral offer.

When you use this link, I also receive a bonus from American Express.

If you’d prefer, then you can also use direct links for BA Amex Refer-a-Friend and Amex Nectar Credit Card Refer a Friend

American Express Card Total Bonus with Link
The American Express Card 2,000 Amex
Preferred Rewards Gold Card 22,000 Amex
Platinum Card 35,000 Amex
British Airways Card 6,000 Avios
British Airways Premium Plus Card 26,000 Avios
Nectar Credit Card 21,000 Nectar
Platinum Cashback Credit Card Up to £125
Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card Up to £100
Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card 33,000 Points
The Gold Business Card 22,000 Amex
The Platinum Business Card 45,000 Amex

Using a referral link will increase the welcome bonus points offers for any American Express card, as per the table above (Gold card reward with referral is currently 22,000):

*See card information for spend requirement for bonus points/cash.

Remember reward cards are usually only worthwhile if you pay your balance in full each month. Also, it’s worth using the Amex eligibility checker to check whether you’ll be accepted prior to using the referral link.

Welcome bonuses are generally only applicable for customers who have not held an American Express card for at least 24 months (although the link above can still be used to apply, even if you’re not sure whether you’re eligible for the bonus).

N.B. Disclaimer: This is an amateur, personal blog. Nothing here should be construed as financial advice, and it is your own responsibility to check the details and ensure that any product is right for your circumstances.

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