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BA Amex Avios: Refer a Friend Link

British Airways American Express Credit Card Bonus Referral Link

Get an increased bonus on the free British Airways American Express card or the British Airways Premium Plus Card with the referral link below.

British Airways American Express Referral Link

This link will increase the bonus on the free BA Amex card to 6,000 Avios and the Premium bonus up 36,000 Avios.

The refer-a-friend link will show you the details for the American Express British Airways Credit Card, however it is applicable for any American Express Card (BA Premium, Amex Gold or Platinum, Platinum Cashback, Marriott/Starwood, Nectar, etc.) – to apply for a different card click continue, either click ‘view all cards with a referral offer’ or scroll down to the bottom of the page and see other cards under the text ‘Not the right card for you? Choose another whilst still benefiting from a reward bonus‘ (see image below).

If you’d prefer to use an Amex Gold Referral link, find ours here.

Wondering what you can get with your Avios? See our post (here) which explores the value of 10,000 points.

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