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Blog: Refer a Friend Codes, Crypto, Amex Points… Referral Code UK 2021: ae9p5eja9s

$25 Sign Up Bonus: Crypto Invite Code

Get a $25 USD (equivalent to approximately £20 GBP) bonus if you sign up using a referral link or code, stake at least 5,000 CRO and reserve a metal MCO/CRO Visa card.

Note: The referral bonus was reduced to $25 for all codes in November 2020. Codes listed at $50 will be incorrect/old pages. Referral Link

The Referral Code is ae9p5eja9s

This Crypto refer a friend code will work for new UK and international accounts (USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia).

Offer Detail:

Download the application available on Android and IOS.

  1. When you open the app select: Invited?
  2. Add Referral Code and enter the code ae9p5eja9s
  3. Then follow the steps to register. When registering, it is important to verify your email address within 10 days.

The sign up bonus will initially appear as ‘locked’. To unlock and claim the reward, stake £300 in CRO via debit/credit card. You can do this in the ‘card’ tab and apply for the reward visa.

If you don’t enter the refer a friend code on the sign-up screen, it can be added via App Settings > Referral Code, up to 5 days after confirming email during sign-up.

What is is a cryptocurrency and payment platform. It allows you to earn, spend and trade. The platform offers MCO Visa cards, with reward and cashback offers.

Read my Crypto review here.

The UK $25 referral code is ae9p5eja9s. Using this code will give you a $25 (approx £20) reward when you stake at least 2,500 CRO.

The referral code for the Ruby Steel MCO Visa Card is ae9p5eja9s

The referral code for the Jade Green MCO Visa Card is ae9p5eja9s

The referral code for the Royal Indigo Visa Card is ae9p5eja9s

The referral code for the Icy White Visa Card is ae9p5eja9s

The referral code for the Obsidian Visa Card is ae9p5eja9s

The 2021 invite code is ae9p5eja9s. To get the $25 Crypto sign up bonus use the code ae9p5eja9s.

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