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Costa Coffee App Invite Code: 1CXN1

Costa Coffee Invite Code Points Friend

Costa Coffee App Friend Invite Code: 1CXN1

If you use the following code will get you 200 bonus points (£2) when you download the Costa App on you phone or tablet and first use it to earn points.

Code: 1CXN1

You’ll also get 100 bonus points for registering the App, so after your first order you’ll have 300 Costa points (£3). That’s a free coffee just for using the code and registering the App!

Download the Costa App here

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Costa Coffee Invite Code Points

To use the Costa Coffee code, download the App and enter 1CXN1 when, during registration, you are asked if you have an invite code. The App will confirm that you will receive 200 additional bonus points when you first use the App to make a purchase.

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