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As the lockdown gradually eases, we can perhaps start considering travel plans again. If not for summer 2020, then at least for 2021. If you’ve been keeping up to date with things, then you’re likely aware that the reduction in demand caused by the pandemic has led many companies to introduce increasingly attractive offers in a bid to entice, or retain customers.

A quick look across a number of major airlines and hotel brands will tell you that prices (in points and pounds) are typically lower than normal, and bookings terms more flexible. Similarly, travel reward credit cards, particularly American Express, have increased both their flexibility and benefits. For example, extending British Airways companion vouchers expiry dates and increasing the Amex Gold Credit Card bonus. Importantly, many of these offers currently run until 30th June.

Here are a three things it may be worth considering before the end of the month:

1) If you have a flexible travel booking, can you cancel and re-book at a lower price?

Bookings for summer 2020 are still very uncertain and therefore prices are generally much lower and most brands are offering flexibility. We have a summer break booked at Hilton Malta using HH points. A quick check showed that points prices had reduced by approx 10,000 per night for our stay. As reward bookings are refundable anyway, it made sense to cancel and re-book, saving 80,000 points. If we can’t travel, we can still cancel the booking again and get all of the points back later. If we can, then we have 80,000 extra points towards our next break.

2) There’s unlikely be a better time to get an American Express Card – or to haggle or check your benefits if you are an existing customer.

American Express have responded to the lockdown quite decisively. They’ve doubled the bonus, and spend period, on the Amex Gold Credit Card. At the same time, increasing the referral bonus for existing customers from 6,000 to 9,000 points. They’ve also introduced £100 worth of 100% cashback offers for certain retailers on the Platinum card, as well as apparently making attractive reward point offers to customers who call to cancel. In addition, they’ve extended the expiry date for British Airways companion vouchers.

Now is a good time to apply if you’re considering a card, or to review your options, offers, etc. if you already have one. The Amex gold offer expires on 29th June.

Until 29th June 2020, you can get 20,000 Amex Points with the Amex Gold Preferred Rewards Credit Card.

3) If you’re considering a holiday, book it now whilst prices are low and almost everywhere is offering free cancellation…

Assuming the lockdown continues to ease, people’s confidence to book travel will increase. Given that confidence is currently low, flight prices are generally lower and cancellation for hotels and flights often applies to all bookings.

For example, all Hilton bookings made before 30th June include free cancellation.

So, if you’ve been considering booking something or reviewing your cards… it might be worth doing it this month.

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