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Ola Referral Coupon Code: 0HZYWEU – £5 Free Ride

Ola Cabs logo.(File Photo: IANS)

Ola Refer a Friend Promo Code: 0HZYWEU

To earn a £5 free ride, plus 3 x 25% off vouchers use code 0HZYWEU when you sign up to Ola. (Ola’s refer a friend offer frequently changes, this is correct as of August 2020).

To use the code, enter it on the App when you register to use Ola. Download the App here. The Ola refer a friend code is 0HZYWEU.

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What does Ola Offer?

Ola is a taxi App, which is currently available in Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Liverpool and Reading, and is apparently planning to expand operations to other UK regions, including London, soon.

Currently if you sign up via the App, you should be offered up to 5 rides at 50% discount (there is a max discount of £10 per ride) if used within 14 days. My referral code is 0HZYWEU, this will also earn you an additional free ride (£4). You just need to download the App, register and enter the code. The Ola website is:

I say ‘may’ because the Terms and Conditions state ‘if applicable’ which makes me wonder whether the award of a free ride depends on your location.

You can also get a further £4 in ride credit if you in turn refer a friend who uses Ola.

Our return trip this weekend from Reading Hilton to Reading station cost us just £4 – I referred my wife, who booked the first journey at 50% off and then we used the free ride credit on return. We booked via the App, and a car arrived in less than 5 minutes – it was pretty much identical to Uber.

In fact, in Bristol, there are loads of cars carrying both the Uber and Ola branding. This means, that you’re actually booking exactly the same car and service with Ola, but you can get it for a lot cheaper. On that basis, if Ola is currently available in your area, I’d say it’s definitely worth giving it a go.

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