American Express Save to Card Offer

It’s worth logging in and checking your ‘save to card’ offers today. Assuming you eat food, and shop in a supermarket, this one is about as easy to use as you’ll find!

On some American Express cards (but apparently not all) if you spend £30+ in Aldi, Asda, Co-op, Iceland, Lidl, M&S, Morrisons, Tesco or Waitrose, you’ll get a £10 statement credit (or 1,000 Avios in some cases). That’s potentially equivalent to a 33% discount.

You can only use the offer once per card, however if (like me) you have multiple cards, then it’s worth checking them all. You’ll also want to save the offers ASAP – as with all save to card offers this one is limited. I’ve no idea how many Amex cardmembers there are in the UK, but this offer can only be saved to 35,000 cards.

The offer also highlights how widely your Amex card can now be used to shop – following the introduction of Amex at Lidl and Aldi, that’s now pretty much every major supermarket.

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That said, the details of this are presented in a slightly amateur document when you click the participating stores link on the offer. See below – it doesn’t exactly shout ‘major global brand’. It comes complete with an unnecessary apostrophe in websites and has been saved with different colour link text.

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