Amex Save to Card Offers

American Express ‘Save to Card’ Offers are always worth keeping an eye on. These are ‘opt in’ offers, which are specific to your card. You can view them via the App or by logging into the website. Once you save an offer, it will be triggered by an eligible transaction. Usually this is in the form of a statement credit – either as a percentage of the transaction or a set amount. For example, on one of my cards I can currently get a statement credit for 10% of any spend at Morrisons. Very occasionally an offer includes a reward points bonus.

Whilst the Morrisons offer applies every time you use the card during the offer period, sometimes there are some fantastic offers which can only be used once. A good example of this is the current supermarket ‘spend £30 get £10’ credit offer, which some cardmembers have in their offers (previously covered here). This one, unsurprisingly, can only be used once. However, you may not realise that once per card doesn’t necessarily mean once per account.

Additional Card Holders

You can increase the availability of offers by adding additional card holders on the same account (here). As I’ve highlighted before, it’s definitely worth adding an additional card holder to your Amex Gold account, just for the points bonus. However, an additional card holder also gets a full set of additional save to card offers too. To access these you just need to set up an online account for that card holder once their card arrives. In my case my wife has a card on my account (as well as having her own account) and has a set of almost identical save to card offers. With the supermarket offer mentioned above, this means we can use the offer twice – once on the main card and once on her supplementary card. In reality we’ve also done the same the other way around – i.e. I am a card holder on her main account – which means we can get it four times. Given that adding the first additional card is free, that means a quick click to add the second card on each Gold card account has bagged us 6,000 extra points (3,000 per account) and £40 of credit (4 X £10) on this offer alone.

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Where it’s free (usually first additional card), adding an additional card holder is a ‘no-brainer’ in terms of benefits. Increased card offers, spending potential and bonus points all make it worth doing.

On some cards, for example Amex Platinum, the additional card holder also gets the same card benefits (e.g. hotel status, insurance, etc.) – so depending on which card you hold, this is also worth checking.

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