Hilton Honors 7,500 Bonus Points

There appears to be a new Hilton Honors offer available to all members. The offer allows you to sign-up to receive 2,500 bonus points on your first stay and a further 5,000 on your second stay, before 31st Jan 2020. That’s the equivalent of approximately £25 additional points – definitely worth signing up for if you are due to book stays anyway.

You can sign up to the offer here.

The link is a US link and the ‘fine print’ reads: This offer is only valid for new Hilton Honors Members who have enrolled in Hilton Honors via HiltonHonors.com/7500media and complete a qualifying stay.

However, I was able to sign up on my existing UK Hilton Gold account and the offer immediately appeared in my ‘Active Offers’ tab:

The same has been reported by others, including US site Loyalty Lobby. Generally where an offer is restricted it’s not possible to sign up, which hopefully suggests that (for now at least) if you can sign up the offer will automatically apply on your next two stays. It might be worth signing up quickly though as potentially this may change if the offer isn’t intended to be open to all. It only takes 30 seconds to add the offer, so definitely worth a try!

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