There are a few opportunities to rack up Nectar points this weekend. From Sainbury’s to American Express, forget 1 point per £1, these offers could increase your earnings by up to 150x.

1. Sainsbury’s

As part of the Sainsbury’s 150th Birthday celebrations, you can earn 150 points when you spend £1+ in-store. That might not sound like much (75p back for spending £1), however surprisingly you can redeem the offer 3 times per DAY, from 24th-27th May. That means in theory you could spend £12 and get 1,800 Nectar points (£9) back.This would take quite a bit of effort, but if you need to shop on any of these days, I’d be tempted to use the self checkout and break my shop into at least 3 separate transactions.

2. eBay

eBay offer (possibly targeted) – spend £5, get 500 Nectar points (£2.50).For a £5 spend with eBay this is effectively 50% back. You need to check whether you’ve received the email and click to opt in.


750 points for any LNER booking. That’s £3.75 – and as I pointed out before (here), a child single can be found from £1.25. So, with a bit of effort you can make a £2.50 Nectar profit!Also, in an odd way it’s quite fun trying to find the cheapest train ticket (just make sure it’s definitely an LNER route!).See the offer in the App – and ensure you add your Nectar Card number when booking.

4. American Express

This one isn’t limited to the weekend (although with the recent changes to other American Express cards, you never know!), but it is a BIG Nectar earning opportunity.The American Express Nectar Credit Card pays 20,000 (21,000 with a referral) Nectar points for spending £2,000 in 3 months.That’s 10 points for every £1 spent. Assuming you pay your balance in full each month, and just put your normal expenditure through it, that’s a decent return for no additional outlay.See my full review of the card here.

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