Imagine being able to earn free points, just for walking, running or cycling to work… apparently it turns out this is now actually possible.

A while go, I tried to use the ‘MilesHealth’ function on the ‘MilesLife’ App to do something similar (see here), but found that trying to get it to believe I was a resident of Singapore wasn’t very easy! This option is UK specific, and although it doesn’t allow you to earn Avios or travel points, potentially the points do still have some value – and you can earn just for doing your normal activities. It’s called BetterPoints


The BetterPoints App is supported and funded by local authorities and public health bodies, in order to promote active lifestyles and collect date about commuting. This appears to mean that, depending on the support and priorities in your area, the offer can vary significantly. In some areas you can earn reward points for every minute you walk/cycle/run. Once you have enough of these, they can then be redeemed for options including vouchers for stores such as Amazon, Asda and Tesco. You can also use your points to donate to charity. It’s very difficult to say how good the deal will be until you sign up though. In my area (Bristol), I can only earn BetterTickets, which enter me into a weekly draw for points. The prizes are mainly 5,000 points, which seems to be about enough for a £5 voucher. I’m earning about a ticket per minute walking, but have no idea how good my odds of winning will be. In areas where you can earn points directly, if you walk/run a lot, then you’ll eventually earn vouchers (but again it seems how many points you earn per minute may vary).

Betterpoints screenshot

To benefit you need to download the App, register your email, postcode (or link to Facebook), set it to auto track your activity via your phone, and then carry on as normal.

The motivations behind it seem to be positive, it doesn’t contain advertising and the Privacy Promise states that your personal data will not be shared or sold.

If you download the BetterPoints App, use my referral code WFKT-YNYY. I’m still not 100% sure what this gets you or me, but a quick Google suggests that it might be some bonus points!

Betterpoints screenshot 2


This is an easy, free opportunity to potentially earn a moderate return (if you’re in the right area) for simply moving around. The model seems positive, and if it helps motivate you to move slightly more, then you’ll be a tiny bit richer and a tiny bit healthier – so it’s got to be worth a quick try.

If you do try it, let us know in the comments what the offer looks like in your area/city.

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