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Take me to the Points

Confessions of a Point-a-holic

Welcome to Take me to the Points, thanks for visiting!

I’m Tim and I set this site up as a bit of a project in October 2018. This site focuses on travel hacks, cashback and reward points – it reflects my creative approach to getting the best travel deals and experiences, whilst spending as little as possible! It particularly covers examples of ways I make the best of American Express cards.

There are a few good frequent flyer/business travel/points blogs in the UK, most notably Head for Points and Inside Flyer. You won’t get anywhere near as comprehensive, catalogued coverage of all schemes and offers here, but what I’m hoping to do is share a more personal perspective on tips, ideas and my own experiences. Hopefully here you’ll appreciate a mix of interesting tips and more personal features.

I hope you enjoy the site, please have a look around and support the blog by commenting, sharing and following on social media! The blog currently has around 1,500 followers.

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You can contact me via: takemetothepoints(at)

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