£50 Champagne delivered in 14 minutes for £9.99…?!

The emergence of a growing number of grocery delivery apps has resulted in some surprisingly attractive (and clearly unsustainable!) offers. Some of these are worth a look before they inevitably disappear. Apps such as Beelivery, Weezy, Getir and GoPuff are clearly competing for market dominance in UK cities.

This week I’ve particularly noted offers from Getir and GoPuff. If these are available in your area, they are worth a look.


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Getir offer a wide range of groceries and aim to deliver in just 10 minutes. I was a little sceptical, but across three orders they have actually averaged less than 15 minutes, which is pretty impressive.

Once you download the App, it’s worth regularly checking the offers tab. Some recent offers have included £15 off a £15.10 spend and £10 off a £15 spend. So in some cases, they are almost delivering free groceries! However, once you’ve used them, the offers keep coming. Below is my offers screen, after having already used the welcome offers and a £5 off £10.

Their prices are relatively competitive too. Whilst they are likely to be beaten by supermarkets, they’re comparable with your local ‘express’ type stores. They also have sale and discounted items.

When I’ve used the offers I haven’t been charged delivery, however alcohol and tobacco products are exempt.


The interestingly named ‘GoPuff’ offers a similar service to Getir, however it’s discount offer is perhaps slightly clearer. You can get 50% off (up to £15) on your first three orders with the code 50FOR3. Plus they have a refer a friend offer with a £10 credit – see my link or use code GORKNMKEXX.

I placed my first three orders immediately one after another and the discount applied successfully, with them all arriving at the same time (roughly 14 minutes later). The GoPuff offers can be used with alcohol and they have also had some impressive discounts alongside. This included an impressive discount on Taittinger Nocturne Champagne. Available from Waitrose for £45+£5 delivery, GoPuff had this on special offer at £19.99, discounted to £9.99 with the 50% code and delivered in minutes!

GoPuff also has a ‘Puff Points’ scheme, where earning points enables discount offers, and a subscription service which gives free delivery on all orders for £1.79/month (2 week free trial available).


There is no way these offers can be sustained in the longer term, so these are worth looking at whilst they’re available. The fact that you can get almost instant delivery at bargain prices feels almost too good to be true!

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