When to Purchase Hilton Honors Points

Generally Hilton Honors points have a valuation of approximately 0.3p per point when redeemed for standard hotel bookings. Points can be purchased for 1 cent (US), which is about 0.8p. However, Hilton frequently offers a 100% bonus for purchasing 10,000 points or more, so realistically you can often buy points for around 0.4p. Clearly, in most cases that still means you’re paying 33% more than their value, so does that mean purchasing points is never worthwhile? Well, not exactly no. There are a number of situations where you’ll get much better value per point. Note that these all assume that you use a 0% FX card, so don’t incur charges for buying points in USD. The top 3 examples are:

1. Hilton Honors 5th Night Free

For Silver, Gold and Diamond members, every 5th night on a booking paid in full using points is free. In many cases this actually means that if you’re planning a 5 night stay, it can be cheaper to buy the points and book, than to pay cash.

Here’s an example. We’re booking a 5 night stay at Hilton Malta. The points price is 60,000 per night, the lowest cash price is €283 per night. With the fifth night free, this works out as follows:

Semi Flex cash price: €283*5 = €1,420 = £1,283

Points price: 240,000 (60,000 * 4) = $1,200 = £916

There is a, not unsubstantiatial, saving of £367 here if you buy the points first and then book. Clearly that means any cancellation (which is obviously far more likely at present) would lead to a points refund, rather than cash, but if you’re likely to book other stays in the future anyway, then this might not be a major issue. Rates are obviously also tied to exchange rates here, so will continually fluctuate.

2. High End Properties

So, what if you’re not booking 5 nights? With some higher end properties including the above example, points prices can still work out cheaper for some nights, so it’s always worth checking

In the example above, even without the 5th night free, the points price works out at £240 per night, the cash price is £247. You’d be getting 0.41p per point, even using the cheapest room rate for comparison.

This is mirrored in the below examples:

Hilton Vilamoura £258 cash, £240 points (60,000)

Conrad Algarve £434 cash, £356 points (89,000)

3. Topping Off a Points Booking

Arguably this is the most obvious reason to buy points. You have almost enough for your booking, but need a few more to top off your account. In some cases, particularly where the 5th night free comes in to play, the difference can be substantial. For example if I have 235,000 points, I can book 5 nights at Hilton Malta for 235,000 + €319. Alternatively I can buy 20,000 points (to trigger 10,000 bonus) for £80 and book the stay for 240,000 points, with 15,000 left over for other bookings.


For standard bookings buying points rarely makes sense, but where the above examples apply, it’s always worth checking prior to booking.

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