If you’re an American Express cardmember, as well as earning points as you spend, it’s also possible to get bonuses for adding cardholders or referring others. Here are three quick tips for maximizing these opportunities:

1. Add a supplementary card for a partner or family member.

The link to add a member is here.

For American Express Gold/Platinum and British Airways cardholders, you will usually receive a bonus for adding your first additional cardholder. This additional card is free and transactions will charge to the same account. The bonuses are as follows:

Platinum: 5,000 points

Gold: 3,000 points

British Airways (BA): 3,000 Avios

BA Amex: 1,000 Avios

The additional cardholder will also be able to set up their own login and get their own save to card offers (which means you can often double up on attractive offers).

2. Find Opportunities for Referral Bonuses

American Express rewards customers if they refer a friend who successfully applies for a card. Referral bonuses can be quite lucrative, particularly if you’re able to secure a few. For example, one successful referral gets you 9,000 points on Amex Platinum and 6,000 points on Amex Gold. Note that referrals work for any card, so even if you have the Gold card, you can still refer someone for the BA or Nectar Amex card.

If you’ve exhausted your list of friends and family, but really want some extra referrals, then there are a couple of other options worth trying.

Firstly, social media – I recently saw a targetted ad on Facebook for the BA Amex. I took a punt and dropped my BA Amex referral link in the comments and was surprised to find that I actually got a couple of bonuses! If you want to be even more strategic- Google search American Express a couple of times and you’ll be amazed how quickly you start seeing targetted ads which you can then comment on!! Strictly speaking this is probably outside of the T&C’s, but I think it’s fairly unlikely to get flagged.

Secondly, it’s worth trying online forums. Places like Insideflyer and Money Saving Expert often have specific threads for dropping referral links. The main benefit of these is that they rank quite high on Google if people are searching for referrals.

3. Refer yourself AND then add a supplementary card…

OK, so this is definitely outside of the T&C’s, but it’s widely known that it works.

You can usually earn a referral bonus by applying for another American Express card using your own link. So, for example, if you currently have the gold card, you could apply for the free BA Amex via your own referral link and get the 6,000 points referral bonus. When you’ve got the new card, you can add an additional cardholder to the new account and get another 1,000 Avios. That’s 7,000 points just for getting the free card…

Let us know if your successful in boosting your points total with any of the above tips!

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