Saving an Offer After the Transaction – American Express

The FAQ’s for American Express ‘Save to Card’ offers state that:

‘You must save the offer to your Card first and then make your qualifying transaction using the same Card to receive the credits.’

However, it seems that this isn’t strictly correct in every case.

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Credits Against Pending Transactions

This week I’ve had two occasions where I’ve saved an offer after making the transaction. On each occasion I’ve clicked to save the offer whilst the transaction is showing as ‘pending’ and… on each occasion the credit has appeared as normal.

The first occasion was for a Morrisons online shop. I had initially saved a £10 credit against £50 supermarket spend offer. After the transaction, but before delivery, a ‘7% off £30+’ spend at Morrisons then also appeared on my offers list. I saved it to see what would happen and was very pleased to find that both offers credited – despite the second being added after the transaction showed as pending.

A few days later I used my American Express card with a small business, expecting to get the £5 Shop Small credit. When I next logged in, I noticed that the transaction wasn’t showing, so went to check the card I’d used. It turned out that it wasn’t my main Amex Gold, but my supplementary card on my wife’s account (click here and here to see why you should always get an additional card too!). Unfortunately I hadn’t saved the Shop Small offer to that card, but it was still showing as pending – so again, I added the offer after the transaction and… again the credit appeared as normal.


Based on this I’d suggest it’s always worth saving an offer even after a purchase, as long as it’s still showing as a pending transaction. However, given that Amex state that offers are only valid if saved before, be aware that if it then doesn’t credit, you’re unlikely to be able to challenge it – so always save it first where possible!

What are Save to Card Offers?

American Express ‘Save to Card’ offers are a list of tailored offers, which you can access by logging into your Amex account. In most cases these will apply a credit to your Amex (not a discount at the retailer) when you use your card. So, as in the example above, if I save the Morrisons offer, I’ll get 7% credited back onto my Amex card once I complete a transaction with Morrisons. Occasionally there may also be offers where you can earn Membership Reward Points.

Always check the T&C’s for the full offer details – for example, fuel purchases are excluded for the Morrisons offer.

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