Points Unlimited

The latest Hilton Honors points promotion is now open for registration.

As is normal for Hilton, points promotions change every few months and require you to opt in to benefit. On this latest promotion, which is valid 6th January to 3rd May 2020, you’ll earn:

2,000 bonus points per stay

10,000 additional bonus points after each 10 stays

Note that the bonus is per stay not per night.

To register click the link below:

Hilton Honors Points Unlimited

(this link will also take you to the T&C’s)


This one is a bit different to the current double points ‘Power Up‘ promotion. Because it’s a flat reward rate it’ll benefit those booking budget short stays, or reward night stays, more. For example if you’re paying £60/70 or 20,000 points for a night, then you’re getting 10% back. However, it won’t be as lucrative for those paying for luxury stays. On a £1,000 stay your promotional bonus would previously have been 10,000 points+ with the ‘Power Up’ promotion, but would now be just 2,000.

At a general value of around 0.33p per point, 2,000 points is equivalent to getting about £6-7 back. Of course with 10 stays you’ll also then get another 10,000 points, worth around £30.

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