It’s been a great year for Take me to the Points. We celebrated our first birthday in the autumn and the number of followers and website visitors continues to rise. At the end of 2018 we ran an article highlighting our most popular posts. I’d have been very happy if I’d have known at that point that our top posts of 2019 would get 8 times as many views as in 2018!

This year I’ve decided not to highlight the posts with the most views, instead I want to highlight my favourite 3.

3. How I Made a Profit by Using My Nectar Card to Book a Train 350 Miles Away!

Spoiler – the profit was £3.76 and it was earned by booking a £1.25 train ticket on Scotland on a 1,000 Nectar points offer!

It’s my third favourite post, mainly because I like beating points systems, especially in the name of research for the blog.

2. Hilton Honors Amazon Security Hack – How to Protect Your Account

So, this one was a much less trivial post. It highlighted steps you can take to minimise the chances of being the victim of Hilton Honors account hacks, where typically hackers are stealing points via Amazon.

The reason it’s my second favourite post of the year, is that it’s the closest we’ve come to going viral! This post was picked up by Dr of Credit, Your Mileage May Vary and then shared on Reddit. As a result we suddenly had thousands of American visitors, which was fun for 24 hours! The shares by bigger sites also likely improved our Google ranking greatly…

1. Review: Hilton Honors – Jessie J @ Abbey Road Studios, London

I never thought I’d say this in 2019, but my favourite post, and one of my favourite nights, featured Jessie J!

This was a fantastic event, which I really enjoyed reviewing for the blog. It also led to a host of Jessie J fans visiting the blog and sending tweets!

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