£5 Amazon Credit, £10 Amex Supermarket Credit and Bonus Avios

Every now and then I scan through all my card offers to check for any interesting new offers. In the run up to Christmas it looks as though there are a few interesting new ones. Here are three which you might want to look out for:

1. £5 Amazon Credit with Mastercard

This is a really easy one – log into to your Amazon account and if you see a black Mastercard banner on the homepage, then you’ll qualify for a £5 credit, just for changing your default ‘one click’ payment method to Mastercard. On top of that the offer also states that a donation for 25 school meals will be made to the World Food Programme.

2. £10 Supermarket Credit with Amex

Some American Express cards currently have a ‘£10 credit with £50 spend at any supermarket’ offer available to save to card. Valid until 31st Dec at any of the supermarkets listed in the (slightly amateur looking!) table below.

This was active in my wife’s Amex Gold, but is not currently showing on my Amex Gold, so may be limited.

3. Bonus Avios on BA American Express Card

You don’t even need to save this one to your card. Currently for every £4 you spend on your BA American Express card, you’ll earn 1 extra Avios point. This one expires on 27th Dec.

Don’t forget American Express ‘Shop Small’ is also currently available to save to all Amex cards. This will give you £5 credit for any £10+ spend with small businesses who accept Amex.

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