Happy Birthday ‘Take me to the Points’!

Today marks exactly one year since I started ‘Take me to the Points’! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, followed on social media or read any of the posts. We currently have over 1,500 followers. It’s great to make it through a whole year – because of course it’s only worth writing posts if people are reading them!

If you haven’t subscribed yet, then you can follow by email by using the box at the bottom of the page on mobile devices, top right on desktop. In the next few months we’ll be reviewing the new Hilton Curio ski hotel in Kitzbuhel, Austria and attempting a budget trip to the Ice Hockey World Championships in Switzerland.

Why Use a Referral Code or Link?

Increasingly companies are using referral bonuses as an incentive for their customers to recommend them and for new customers to join them. Many offer points, giftcards or cash bonuses to new customers as long as they use a referral link or code. Whenever you’re switching a supplier or applying for a new product, it’s worth searching for a referral to get an additional bonus. If you don’t have a friend who can provide one, you’ll often find codes on blogs like this or forums.

Take me to the Points hosts a growing number of referral links and codes for a variety of products. These include American Express, Curve Card, Monese, Igloo Energy, Sky TV, Green Network Energy, Hive and Monzo. If you want to get a better deal or discount, check out our full referral link pages here.

Amex Shop Small is Back for 2019!

American Express ‘Shop Small‘ is back for 2019 – make sure you save the offer to your card (the option will appear on 31st October). Once saved you can earn up to £50 credit by getting £5 each time you spend £10+ at a participating small business. Amex have a handy map to show you which businesses are eligible near you.

The £50 limit is new, which presumably suggests some people were able to get more than £50 credit last year! The limit is per card.

Reviews and Guest Posts

Would you like to write a review for ‘Take me to the Points’? If you have a points related hotel stay, flight, experience or airport lounge visit you’d like to share, then get in touch.

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