Is it Possible to Transfer Amex Points Between Members?

Sometimes the option of pooling American Express points would be really useful. For example, if you and another family member each have the 10,000 Gold bonus, but you need 20,000 points for a flight or hotel booking. Another scenario, which I often have, is when my wife has Amex points, but we want to book travel via my account to benefit from elite status (e.g. Hilton Gold).

It isn’t possible to directly transfer Amex points between members, however in most cases it is possible to transfer them to an account with a travel partner and then transfer them on to someone else. Here are some examples.

Hilton Honors

If you transfer American Express points to a Hilton Honors account, you can then ‘gift’ or ‘pool’ your points.

The person holding the American Express points will need a a Hilton Honors account in their name, which has been open for at least 30 days (as long as there has been activity on the account – which includes the Amex transfer itself). They will then be able to gift or pool points on the ‘More Ways to Use Points’ menu.

Hilton is one of the easiest partners to transfer points with as you can do everything online, the accounts don’t have to have the same home address and there is a generous limit of 500,000 points transferred per year (and up to 2,000,000 received).

We recently took advantage of the boosted Amex to Hilton rate to transfer Amex points to my wife’s account and then over to my Hilton account, so that we were able to get Gold benefits on the bookings.

Avios – British Airways Executive Club

British Airways Executive Club allows you to set up a ‘Household Account’. This gives each member access to a pooled pot of points in all the household accounts. When used for a booking, points are taken from each account as a proportion of the size of each member’s balance (so the more points the member has, the more they contribute).

Being a household account, unsurprisingly all members need to have the same account address. So this works for transferring Amex points between people who live together. This one is also fairly simple as once the person has a BA Executive Club account, you just need to set yourself up as ‘Head of the Household’ and then add them to your household account – and they then accept the invitation. You can add up to 6 members per household and change the address once every 6 months.

Linked to this, you can also set up a household family and friends list, which allows you to spend Avios on people who do not live at the same address as you.

Marriott Bonvoy

Amex points transferred to Marriott Bonvoy can also be transferred between members. In this case the sending limit is 100,000 and the receiving limit 500,000. There is no requirement for the members to share an address, however the accounts must have been active for at least 60 days.

However, unlike BA and Hilton, with Marriott you can only transfer points to another member by contacting them by telephone. The international Marriott Customer Services number is +800 6277 4680.


So, in summary – it’s not possible to directly transfer American Express points between members, but many travel partners allow you to gift or pool points once you have transferred to their scheme.

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