Get Free Rides with Ola Code: 0HZYWEU

Taxi App Ola continues to expand throughout the UK, and to offer increasingly attractive discounts and free rides to tempt customers from Uber. The latest offer being a £4 free ride for any new customer, using a referral code (ours is 0HZYWEU). It appears this is now guaranteed across the UK, rather than the referral bonus being location dependant. Once signed up, you can then get free rides for referring friends. Ola has now launched in London.

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To use an Ola code, you need to enter it on the App when you register to. You can download the App here.

Typically, you will then regularly receive 50% discount codes and coupons for local rides. In fact, I’m yet to take a ride where there hasn’t been a code available. This means their offer has worked, as I haven’t used Uber since joining Ola.

Ola effectively mirrors Uber’s offer – in fact, in UK cities where Ola is active, many drivers carry both logos and pick and choose jobs from both Apps. This means that using Ola will get you the same drivers and cars as Uber, but usually for a cheaper price.

Where can you use Ola?

Ola is now active in the UK locations below (Edit: available in London from 2020):

South Wales
Cardiff, Newport and Vale of Glamorgan

South West
Bath, Bristol, Exeter, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire

Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and The Wirral

West Midlands
Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton

Reading & London


If you’re currently using Uber and Ola is available, or becomes available, then you could save a decent amount of money by switching. Given that you’ll likely be getting exactly the same cars and drivers, this is an easy switch to make.

Joining Code: 0YK07EU

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