Hilton Honors Promotion

Hilton Honors latest points promotion is now available for sign up, it’s called ‘Power Up Your Points’. This is another double points promotion, however for some people it appears to introduce the potential for triple points. The existing ‘Go More Get More’ promotion ends 8th Sept, the new promotion is valid on stays 9th Sept to 5th Jan.

Anyone who opts into the promotion will get double points, so it’s definitely worth signing up here. In addition, any bookings made on a Hilton Honors credit card increase the bonus to 3x. Whilst there is currently no Hilton Honors credit card open to new applications in the UK, it appears that the old Hilton Honors Barclaycard, which still has active users (including myself) is valid for this. If correct this is positive, as it means there is still some awareness/attention for cards in the UK. If only some of the US American Express Hilton cards were available here! The Barclaycard is listed in the FAQ’s here – as a valid credit card for the promotion.

This is a great opportunity for UK cardholders because they’ll get:

– Double points on the credit card itself, as standard (4 per £ spent with Hilton).

– Triple points on the booking, via this promotion.

– 80% bonus if they have gold status via their Barclaycard (for spending over £10,000/year).

There’s also the recent 7,500 bonus points offer (see here), which could inflate that bonus further on the first two bookings.

Stack all of those and potentially there could be quite a points haul available for some people.

Hilton Honors Barclaycard

The Hilton Honors Barclaycard is a Visa credit card, which was closed to new applicants last year, but is still available to existing card holders. It offered:

– A reward night certificate (which could be used at ANY Hilton property) after £750 spend.

– Two points per £1 spent, Four points per £1 spent with Hilton.

– Silver status as standard, increasing to Gold status after £10,000 spend in a calendar year (for the remainder of the year and the whole of the next year).

Unsurprisingly it was quite an attractive card when available – particularly as the free night could be worth £100’s at the right property.

Will a new card be available?

Since the Hilton Honors Barclaycard closed, there has been lots of discussion about the potential for a new card. In 2018 there was even a customer survey exploring opinions on two potential options:

Since then there has been no update though and the question ‘is a new Hilton credit card coming?’ seems to pop up frequently on blogs and forums.

Thankfully for existing card holders there has also been no change in their status. I’m currently very close to the £10,000 to trigger gold status – which I’ll need for for next year as I recently cancelled my Amex Platinum, so my current gold status obtained through that will end in 2020. The fact the UK card is valid for this promotion, hopefully means it will remain available for the foreseeable future. In the past where cards have closed, for example Lloyds Avios, at some point existing card holders have been moved onto a standard non-rewards card.

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