I noticed two new points offers today, one from BA eStore which is worth considering and one from American Express which is probably worth avoiding. Here’s a quick summary:

1) Earn 1,000 Avios for your first online shop with Tesco.

To get this offer:

Sign in to your BA Executive Club account and start your shop via the Tesco offer on British Airways eStore. Note that the T&C’s say you must a) be a new customer, b) spend £45+ on an online grocery shop and c) use a desktop computer (i.e. the offer won’t track via a tablet or mobile). The offer is available until 31st August.

If you’re not already an online customer with Tesco, and you collect and use Avios, then this one is definitely worth taking advantage of. You have to spend £45+, but at the lowest value this means you’re getting the equivalent of 22% of your order back in Avios (accepting a general value of around 1p per Avios point).

2) Get 20% extra value when using American Express ‘pay with points’ or dining out or takeaway with participating restaurants.

To get this offer:

Use your Amex Membership Rewards Card to pay for food with participating restaurants including, JustEat, Nando’s and Dominoes. Then use ‘pay with points’ against the transaction on the App or website. A statement credit of 0.54p per point (rather than the standard 0.45p per point) will appear within 3 days.

As you’re probably aware 0.54p per point, whilst better than 0.45p, isn’t great. Assuming you can use points for travel, you’ll find much better than that. I generally expect to achieve around 1p per point. This one, like most pay with points offers, is probably worth avoiding. Realistically the bonus would need to be closer to 100% for any pay with points offer to compete with flights or hotel options.

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