Uber vs Ola

Undoubtedly Uber has revolutionised the taxi industry in recent years. It has never been simpler, or more convenient, to book and pay for a cab.

Over the past couple of years I have rarely thought about using anything other than Uber when I need a taxi. Until this weekend…

Whilst staying in Reading ahead of the Jessie J Hilton Honors concert at Abbey Road studios, I discovered that Uber doesn’t operate in Reading. However, I found that their competitor Ola, which originated in India and offers an almost identical service, does – so I thought I’d give them a try. And it turns out that, being a relative newcomer to the UK market, they have some decent discounts and deals on offer to make you consider switching your custom.

What does Ola Offer?

Ola is currently available in Reading, Birmingham, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Exeter and Liverpool, and planning to expand operations to other UK cities soon.

Currently if you sign up, you should be offered up to FIVE rides at 50% discount (max discount £5 per ride) if used within 14 days. My referral code is

0HZYWEU, this will also earn you an additional free ride (this varies, but is usually either £5 or £10). You just need to download the App, register and enter the code. Website: OlaCabs.com

I say ‘may’ as the T&C’s state ‘if applicable’ which makes me wonder whether the free ride depends on your location.

You can then get a further £5.00 in free ride credit if you refer a friend who uses Ola.

Our return journey this weekend from Reading Hilton to Reading station cost just £4 – I referred my wife, who booked the first journey at 50% off and then we used the freeride credit on return. We booked via the App, and a car arrived in about 5 minutes – pretty much identical to Uber.

In fact, in my hometown of Bristol, there are masses of cars carrying both the Uber and Ola branding. Which means, you’re actually booking exactly the same car and service, but at the moment you can get it for a lot cheaper with Ola. On that basis, if Ola is available in your area, I’d say it’s worth giving it a go.

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