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I recently discovered that as well as earning points for flying, hotel stays, spending on your credit card, running, walking and cycling, you can also earn them for searching the internet!

By signing up to Microsoft Rewards with a Microsoft account (which you can easily set up if you don’t already have one), you can earn points as you browse and then redeem them for gift cards, sweepstake entries or charity donations.

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How do you earn points?

The most obvious route to earning points is by completing internet searches with and using Microsoft Edge browser. On a newly opened ‘Level 1’ account you can earn 30 points per day through Bing searches (3 points per search) plus up to 90 points per month (3 per day) if you complete a search in Microsoft Edge.

If you progress to Level 2, by earning at least 500 points in a month, you can earn 5x more points on Bing.

As well as earning points through searching, you also get a ‘daily set’ of three activities, such as polls and quizzes, where you can earn additional points (generally 10-30 per activity). These typically direct you to search results and tend to be very quick – e.g. I had a quiz question about Isle of Wight Festival, which diverted me to a search about the artists. There are also additional search activities which award 10 points. You’d probably need to set this as your homepage if you wanted to remember to maximise this each day.

A streak of activities – 3+ days where you complete all three of your daily set – unlocks additional bonuses (my latest was a further 45 points).

Finally, you can also earn points on purchases in the Microsoft Store.

So, potentially you could earn quite a few points – but, for that to be an incentive to use Google less and Bing more, you’ll want to know what they’re worth…

Microsoft Rewards Daily Set

What are points worth?

Points have no cash value, but can be redeemed for gift cards, sweepstake entries or charity donations. Redemption rates vary and whilst you can fairly easily earn a lot of points, you need a lot of points for anything worthwhile. The best value, unsurprisingly, is via Microsoft giftcards/credit. Here are some examples:

Item Cash Value Points Pence per Point
1 Month Xbox Live £6.99 7000 0.1
Microsoft Giftcard £5.00 5050 0.1
Xbox Giftcard £5.00 6300 0.079
Argos Giftcard £5.00 7600 0.065
Skype Credit £2.00 1000 0.2
Tesco Giftcard £5.00 7600 0.065
Pizza Express £5.00 7600 0.065
Starbucks £5.00 7600 0.065
John Lewis £10.00 15200 0.065

This means if you’re likely to use the points for a shopping giftcard, then at level 1 you’re earning about 0.2p per search. As this is capped at 30 points per day (900 per month) it would take you 8 months to earn a £5 giftcard, however as soon as you hit 500 points your earning rate will increase. If you made an active effort to use the dashboard, and quickly progressed to Level 2, then it would be possible to rack up points much more quickly. Even at Level 1, completing the daily tasks and extra activities could typically be worth 2,000 points+ per month. At Level 2, where you can earn 5x as much, earning 5000 plus to get at least £5 per month would be achievable with a little bit of effort.

Microsoft Rewards Argos Giftcard

How do you sign up?

Microsoft Rewards FAQ’s can be found here

You can sign up here

You can also access Microsoft Rewards via the Bing phone app and Xbox Microsoft Rewards App.

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