Free Avios Points?!

There’s nothing I like more than free points!

I always take any opportunity to rack up a few extra points for things like downloading an app, posting on social media or registering on a website. These can soon mount up, and can often help close the gap between your existing points and that next redemption (See my post about getting 875 free Marriott points here).

Reward for Thoughts

Currently, by signing up to Reward for Thoughts, you can get 600 free Avios points for completing your first survey. To sign up, then answer some questions on your profile (including your British Airways Executive Club number) and complete one survey, you’ll need to allow about 30 minutes. The survey subjects vary, and are informed by your profile (age, gender, location, etc.). As luck would have it, I had one about Nectar points! I’ll let you decide whether it’s a productive use of time – but I figured that I’d need to spend £600 on an American Express card to earn that many points.

Free Avios Surveys

The points post to your account in about 3 days.

You will also then receive very(!) regular emails offering you 25 or 50 Avios points per survey. The general rule seems to be 25 Avios for surveys with an estimated time up to 10 minutes, and 50 Avios for approximately 20 minutes. This is obviously much less attractive than your first survey, so you might want to unsubscribe later, or get your email to filter these as junk – however it could be a useful way of getting a few extra points if you needed them for a specific reason.

Free Avios Surveys 2

BA Executive Club:

Free Avios Surveys 3

Increase to 1,200

So, as always, I wasn’t content with the basic offer and wanted to see whether I could get more points! There’s an obvious way to do that:

– Create, or use an existing, BA Executive Club Account for family member/spouse.

– Get them to sign up for Reward for Thoughts and do their first survey (or do it for them!) to earn 600 points.

– Set up a Household Account on BA Executive Club to pool their points with yours.

Voila – you’re 30% of the way to a one-way BA reward saver flight to Paris!

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