Free Miles?

I’m always on the look out for free miles, so when I discovered the Mileslife App, which came with the promise of free miles, I thought I was on to a winner!

Mileslife is an App from Singapore, which can be linked to a variety of miles schemes, including British Airways Executive Club. It allows you to earn miles on dining and shopping spend via the app (a bit like Quidco does with cashback), and even has a ‘Mileslife Health’ function, where you can earn points based on your daily step count. You simply register via the App, and then connect to your chosen ‘frequent flyer’ account.

However, there is a (big!) catch – most of the functions are only available in Asia, and some are specific to Singapore. So unless you’re dining or shopping in Asia, your options to earn miles are very limited.

For a while I was sure I could hack the Miles Health section, because all you need to be eligible is a registration with verification via a Singapore SMS number – and there are many international virtual numbers you can use online. This would mean potentially earning 2 points for every 5,000 steps, which for me would be quite attractive. Unfortunately it seems that finding a Singapore number isn’t very easy though! Also, to qualify on an ongoing basis you need to have qualifying transactions via the App – again, this is difficult from the UK. The premise here it seems is that if you’re logging in daily to link and claim your step count, then you’ll use the app, see the ads and spend money (assuming you’re in the right country!).

Free Avios

Which left me with one option. The App promises ‘up to’ 200 free miles just for checking in for 7 consecutive days. Presumably the rationale for this, is that for seven days you’re seeing the various adverts and offers available in the App – and are therefore likely to spend money through it. Fortunately, this function is available internationally. So, I thought it was worth a look, as by linking it to my BA Executive Club account I thought I could earn 200 free Avios, which may well end up being helpful.

I didn’t allow for the time zone difference however, so despite being able to set a check in reminder, I kept accidentally missing days. In fact I was so ridiculously bad at this, that it took me 22 days until I logged 7 consecutive check-ins – and then as I excitedly clicked on day seven, I was awarded a total of SEVEN whole Avios points!

So – surely pretty pointless? Well, possibly. There is one scenario where, perhaps with a little more organisation than me, this might be worthwhile, even if you only get 7 points. This being wherever you might have points due to expire – because, whether it’s seven points or two hundred, in most cases this will provide activity on the account and protect points from expiring. For Avios you have a decent 36 month period without activity before you need to worry, but you can also link your account to Emirates, Miles & More, Iberia and many others…

Also, if you’re anything like me, then you’ll probably still jump through hoops for 7 free Avios anyway. Who knows when I might find myself with 3,993 Avios left and an urge to book a 4,000 points reward saver flight to Amsterdam?!

If you do register, use the referral code: TMTTP – from what I can gather this will earn you 800 bonus points if you do make a qualifying transaction via the App. I guess you never know when you might find yourself dining out in Singapore!

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