American Express Now Accepted at Lidl

It was recently confirmed that Amex is now accepted by Lidl. This means that you can now earn points on your weekly shop at pretty much every major supermarket chain in the UK.

This one is actually quite useful for me, as we do use our local Lidl – and I’m always irritated that it’s the one place I can’t earn Amex points!

When the option to use Amex at Aldi was announced last year, it was followed soon after by an Aldi ‘save to card’ offer – so worth keeping an eye out for a similar Lidl offer.

Amex Lidl

Hilton Amex Save to Card Offer May Actually Work on Online Prepaid Bookings

Last week I made a prepaid hotel room booking with Hilton. I was initially annoyed with myself as I paid with the wrong Amex card(!) and realised I’d missed an opportunity to put a decent spend towards, what is probably my final, Amex Gold spend bonus. However, I was then surprised to get a notification from Amex to say that I’d used my Hilton save to card offer (spend £250+, get £75 credit). I was surprised because the spend definitely didn’t meet the T&C’s on the offer.

Amex Hilton 1

This suggests that, despite the offer saying it is valid only on ‘in store’ purchases – which is clearly clarified as ‘pay at hotel checkout’ (see below) – the system may be picking up some (if not all) online prepaid bookings. This was for a stay in February 2020, so definitely didn’t meet the terms for either spending in the hotel, or for spending on stays by 15th May.

Amex Hilton 2

Hilton Grand Tiriolia Kitzbuhel

If you have a booking to make anyway, then it might worth trying it, as clearly this is a decent discount – although keep in mind the prepaid rate isn’t refundable. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t completely uncommon for Amex save to card offers. There have been other examples where offers are triggered despite not meeting the T&C’s. This includes offers which say you have to use them in one transaction, but then work on a cumulative spend during the period. So never guaranteed, but always worth a shot if you’re spending anyway.

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