Since this time 2 weeks ago two useful Amex spending options have disappeared – both of which could be particularly handy for hitting spend targets.

Zeek Disables all Transactions

Zeek, the gift card marketplace – a particularly handy tool for using Amex (via PayPal) to buy gift cards in order to hit your spend target – has disabled all transactions and, according to various sources, is currently in financial trouble and looking for a buyer.

At present it doesn’t appear to be possible to log in to the App at all, and anyone trying to make a purchase receives a ‘purchase failed’ message. Fortunately I don’t have any current balance on my account, but it seems many people who do are unable to access their funds.


In addition, following the excitement of the launch of ‘Curve Metal’, and the return of Amex compatibility, things all fell a bit flat less than two days later.

Amex blocked all Curve transactions, stating that they’d only agreed to ‘a limited beta trial’. Curve called the move to block payments ‘disproportionate and discriminatory’ and vowed to fight it. Either way, the Amex function is currently unavailable, with no obvious signs of it returning soon.

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