Thanks to Your Mileage May Vary for highlighting this one. A quick check suggests this promotion has been around for a little while, but their blog post alerted me to it.

Who doesn’t love free points?! It seems you can instantly earn 875 Marriott Rewards Points, by connecting your social media accounts via the #RewardsPoints service. The link is here (for clarification – you must use this Marriott link and login to your Marriott Rewards account to connect, just following on Twitter/Facebook won’t work).

Three lots of 250 points are awarded for connecting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, plus a further 125 points for following Marriott Rewards on Twitter. At a value of around 0.5p per point, 875 points are worth about £4.37! However, once linked to #RewardsPoints you will also receive further opportunities to earn points via social media. The information says you can earn up to maximum of 45,000 Marriott Points per year, although I don’t imagine that will be too easy! Points post almost instantly – I tested it last night, and here is my points activity:

Read the T&C’s at the bottom of the Marriott page for full information and to make sure you’re happy with linking your accounts.

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