Thank you for reading, subscribing to and following ‘Take me to the Points’ in 2018. It’s roughly 2 months since the blog launched, and we have had almost 6,500 views in that period. If you’ve found any of our posts useful this year, then please do consider sharing them!

A couple of days ago I posted our top three most-viewed articles of 2018 on Twitter. It seems I was a bit early with this, as one of those posts generated so many new views that the top 3 changed completely! As there was plenty of interest in these, and we have quite a few new email subscribers, I thought I’d do an updated list as a blog post. So, with one day to go in 2018, here are the official top three ‘Take me to the Points’ posts of 2018:

Number 3: 6 Steps to Earning Serious Cashback and Rewards

This was one of the first posts, and continues to get new views every day. It’s one of our longer posts, but aims to offer some genuine advice for getting better returns on your spending. Hopefully at least some of the people who’ve read this have been able to benefit from the tips.

If you haven’t had chance to check it out, and have time to read a slightly longer article, then give it a read.

Number 2: What Can you Get with 20,000 American Express Reward Points (Hotels & Experiences)

This wasn’t in the original Twitter top 3, but has had lots of views this week. This post answers a common question for people considering the Amex Gold Credit Card. Helpfully this is the kind of question lots of people type into Google – which means it gets lots of new readers to the blog from search engines.

Number 1: American Express Returns to Curve Card

This one generated a lot of interest following the announcement from Curve – that you’ll soon be able to link your Amex card and use it virtually anywhere. Originally it got loads of views in a very short period thanks to the Twitter hashtag #amexreturnstocurve. When it appeared this week at number three in the Twitter top 3, it was then retweeted by Curve, which generated over 100 new views within a few hours. This was enough for it to jump to the most viewed post in 2018.

It’s definitely worth a read if you want to know more about Curve, or are considering applying.

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