I’ve tried to have a different focus each week for the Featured Offers. Usually these are travel linked (see our homepage), but this week in the run up to Christmas they’re all about saving money! Today we’ll look at how to get ongoing free (or 99p) premium music subscriptions.

Free Premium Music Subscriptions

The great thing about the growing number of music streaming services, is the increased choice and competition. Whilst previously Spotify was the main option, now Amazon, Apple, YouTube and others all offer a very similar service. Whilst you may have a preference for a specific interface, the basic product is the same – a monthly subscription for unlimited music streaming and downloads. All of the current options also seem to work on the same business model – generally costing around £9.99/month, but offering a 3 month free (or 99p) trial. In the past year I’ve managed a full 12 months of free or 99p Premium subscription, simply by cycling through these offers and using each provider. Each time, I just sign up for the 3 months, immediately cancel the subscription (so it ends at the end of the period), use the service for the trial period and then move onto the next provider. I’ve just finished 3 months with Spotify (this was actually an additional free trial via Sky) and have now started a free 3 months with YouTube Music. The one downside is that you restart your library each time, but I find that this just encourages me to mix up my playlists a bit! And for a £120/year saving I can cope with that.

A new account usually seems to be recognised by the email/payment card. So change those, and you can often have another new trial, even with the same service. And if you run out of email accounts, Gmail accounts actually work regardless of where you put dots. So john.smith can be re-used as johns.mith or j.ohnsmith for almost infinite combinations. The email will be recognised as a new account for a sign up, but will come to the same inbox. Note that these offers may change, and some are targeted, however I have never failed to find at least one option available at any one time!


YouTube Music (free for 3 months)

Spotify (99p)

Apple Music (free)

Amazon Music (99p)

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