I’ve mentioned Circle Pay previously. It’s a pretty simple App which allows you to transfer money to friends and family, for free. A bit like sending money to friends with PayPal, but with no FX fees if you’re sending in a different currency. Sending money is effectively as easy as sending a message, in fact one quirky feature is that the App encourages you to send Gif’s and Emoji’s with your money! Circle uses the mid market exchange rate, if you’re sending money abroad.

Circle Pay Travel Hack Reward Points

A quirk of Circle Pay is that, in order to attract new users, they offer a £5 (€/$) referral bonus to both the person referring and the person they’ve referred. This is payable after the first transaction of £25+, and can be withdrawn straight to your bank account.

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this offers the potential to make a very quick, completely free, £15 for very little effort!

Step 1) Use our code OETUGJ and sign up (here)

Step 2) Refer a best friend/spouse, etc.

Step 3) Send them £25 and get them to send £25 to you (it might work if they send you the same £25 back, but when I tried it both people deposited a separate £25).

Step 4) Withdraw the money, plus the bonus, back into your account (this was practically instant when I did it).

Outcome – you’ll get £5 for signing up and making the transaction, another £5 for referring your friend and they’ll also get £5 for making a transaction.

Of course Circle Pay is actually genuinely useful (and a much better option than PayPal if you have friends/family in abroad) – so in all likelihood you’ll probably find yourself using it in the future anyway. Which means they get new business, you get free money and hopefully everyone is happy!!

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